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What Happened to Sgt. Richard Desautels, Taken by the Chinese from North Korea?

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Missing, Presumed Dead

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National Alliance of Families
For the Return of America's Missing Servicemen

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Who Owns Mount Baekdu/Paektu?

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North Korean Airlines Barf Bag & Its Odd Message

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The Ashley Five:

Confirmed Alive in North Korean Hands after the War, Never Returned 

Ashley Gilbert & Hidemaro Ishido: Never Returned by North Korea
Gilbert Ashley & Hidemaro Ishido: Never Returned by North Korea

Visit Out Sister Site For the Story Behind the North Korean Detention of US Veteran Merrill Newman, Former Special Operator During the Korean War

Merrill Newman, Former 8240th AU Officer

Why Did JPMorgan Chase Ask US Permission

to Broker North Korean Gold?

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Prepare for a DPRK Provocation:

Official Pentagon PR Phrases for North Korea

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We do not discuss chemical operations with the media.


hwahak moogeeye tehey aanlongwa weenonhajee ansumneeda

( 화학무기에 대해 언론과 의논하지 않습니다. )

Don't Worry About the "Ides of March"

It's Mid-April That Demands Caution on the Korean Peninsula

What Has Pyongyang Learned From Successful Strike Against US 44-Years-Ago?

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Learn About the April 1969 EC-121 Shoot Down Here

New DPRK threat: "We formally inform the White House and Pentagon that the ever-escalating US hostile policy towards the DPRK [North Korea] and its reckless nuclear threat will be smashed by the strong will of all the united service personnel and people and cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means of the DPRK and that the merciless operation of its revolutionary armed forces in this regard has been finally examined and ratified."  (KCNA, 4/3/2013)

North Korea Threatens the U.S.:

Do They Mean It? Could They Attack Us?

"We [North Korea] do not hide that a variety of satellites and long-range rockets which will be launched by the DPRK one after another and a nuclear test of higher level which will be carried out by it in the upcoming all-out action, a new phase of the anti-U.S. struggle that has lasted century after century, will target against the U.S., the sworn enemy of the Korean people.

Settling accounts with the U.S. needs to be done with force, not with words as it regards jungle law as the rule of its survival." Read the North Korean statement here. 

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Captured North Korean/KPA Combat Film

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North Korea Nuclear Threat

DPRK Threatens Strike & Repudiates Armistice Agreement (3/13)

Read Full Threat Statement Here and Armistice Statement Here

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(North) Korean Central News Agency (3/5/13):

"Now that the U.S. imperialists seek to attack the DPRK even with nuclear weapons, it will counter them with diversified precision nuclear strike means of Korean style.

Those means are bound to be launched once their buttons are pressed, and the enemies' strongholds be turned into a sea in flames.

This land is neither the Balkans nor Iraq and Libya.

The army and people of the DPRK have everything including lighter and smaller nukes unlike what they had in the past."

Pyongyang claims the U.S./South Korean "Foal Eagle" exercise is a drill to prepare for invasion of the North. See more about Foal Eagle here.



MIG on the Beach, 1970

What happened when a North Korean MIG-15 landed on a South Korean beach. A U.S. Army chopper crew responded. See the report at our sister site by clicking on the picture.

Is North Korea communist? Check Here

North Korea vs South Korea: Here

Get the Story Behind PSY's Anti-American Comments &

What They Say About South Korean-American Relations

The Real Story Behind "Gangnam Style" is at

Top Ten Things to Know About

North Korea's Gen-Y Dictator

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North Korean Flag

Now that an Unha-3 rocket emblazoned with the North Korean flag has carried a satellite into space, and marked a major step in the nation’s missile program, it’s a good time to review the meaning of Pyongyang's banner. Click the flag for the report.

Washington Times

Advances KorCon Exclusive on Korea's "Ghost Pilots"

Pentagon refused to answer our questions but responded to the Times. We had a question of our own: “I’d like to ask President Obama one question: Ex-Soviet officials admitted they took our Air Force pilots to Russia, and experts on the president’s own POW-MIA commission agreed it happened. So why – more than a decade later – don’t we have those men or their remains home?” Mr. Sauter told Inside the Ring. Click Times logo to see the story.
Ghost Pilots & Mystery Aircraft of the Korean War
What is the Government Doing to Recover American Pilots Taken by the Soviets?
Did the Soviet Union Secretly Fly US Jets Against American Forces During the War?
Click the F-86 or here for the Report, Source Documents, Video
& Selected Pictures of Pilots Named in Documents and/or Who Flew F-86s