The DMZ War

1953 to Today

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RoK Troops Track North Korean Infiltration Team (Nov. '68)
The US Military Provided Air Support and Combat Cameraman
See What Happened Below
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 The DMZ War book and Web site are the inside story on the mission to prevent North Korean invasion and infiltration of the Korean Demilitarized Zone from 1953 until today-- and the men and women of the US military who accomplished it. The DMZ War includes insider stories; declassified reports, film and pictures; and all sorts of other stuff of interest to those who "ran the Z,' served anywhere in/around the RoK, or have an interest in North Korea, the Cold War, espionage, special operations and intelligence.

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Villagers View Bodies of 5 NK Infiltrators
Distraught Villager Restrained
Trying to Eat Heart from Dead NK Soldier
Seven Members of this Man's Family Killed by NK Team
Removing Bodies of NK Infiltrators
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